Had to deploy from pre-dev to dev. Had to move through manually copying of files zipping and bluetooth according to the design spec document.

When move in attempt to build met countless of fails. Files go missing.
- No automated Tool to push to dev env.
the ide would load for hours, just the refresh the project.

Not to mention that pc is running on a 2.5 inch mechanical drive

So i actually build an app. To automate that draunting task. To help me copy all the file that are required into a package.

Copying 140 files manually for a design spec. Depends on how many java file listed. Just by copying manually would kill me

My co-workers that utilize my app. Wish to help them ease their task. Complain instead. (I shouldn't had share the app)

The feeling of getting blame stinks. Despite able to copy out all the files. When copy into another system. The ide in the system to deploy. Can't pick up some files.

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