My son was born 2 days ago. He is amazing. I win at life.

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    Congrats on your latest deployment.
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    Congratulations! Running bug free? I hear they can start accumulating issues after a few years if they're not frequently updated.
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    Whats the name of your new project?
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    Your wife pushed code on the weekend? Brave woman lol
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    Congratulations brother. May God bless you and your family!!!
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    So production finally went live, congratulations! Make sure you maint that. 😊
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    Sweet, congrats!
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    that's awesome!
    may he be a big 1 between all those 0 out there
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    Stay strong! You‘ll get through this!
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    Congrats! I’m two plus years in now. It goes fast. Just don’t forget to get some sleep yourself.
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    Congrats 🎉
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    Congrats, man! It's tought, but it worth it. Enjoy the first couple of years the most, they are pretty fast. :)
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    Some of these comments are in bad taste, I have to say. Why does everything always have to be about code, why can’t we connect as humans?

    Regardless, you’re right, you win! Congrats.
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    Beware of the maintenance costs (sanity!). - no serious, becoming father is one of greatest things. Yes fuckton of work, but gives so much back.
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