Lets be honest guys.
We all pretend to be Richard but we are just a bunch of "Big Heads". And some of you guys fuck.

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    I'm a jin yang. That ah is not hot dog.
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    I hate to break it to you. I have no idea what you are talking about.. Richard from friends?
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    I rather see myself as Gilfoyle
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    @sandeepbalan One of the greatest skills of devs is to be able to use Google efficiently.
    So if you look at the last tag, you'll be able to help yourself.
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    @BoomRaccoon mybad. I would have googled it if i noticed that tag. To be honest i havent noticed it.
    Yeah. Ofcourse the copy-pasting developer life.
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    It sucks they're waiting so long for the next season. 😡 fuckers
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    @thevariableman Eric bachman is a lhyin faak

    Hesa phat ass an a poor
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