So they asked if we want a wallboard or not and we answered with a NO. As you already guessed we still got a wall mounted LG TV with a small linux box.
So I started to tinker with the wallboard and created a horrible python -> HTML5/JS stuff which crawls the data worth to show and creates static pages with html5 canvas for graphs.
Later I found atlasboard which is a discontinuated dashboard from Atlassian so started to learn nodejs and rebuilt and added new widgets to show our smoketests, our mssql server metrics from zabbix, our sprint from Jira and some other servers' status.
Then I created the essential metrics again but in Vice C64 emu, I collected and exported the data in python created a PETSCII compatible .prg file and the **** Dasboard 64 **** loaded and created graphs in the emu every minutes.
That was awesome! BASIC V2 is slow as hell but still awesome.

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    Very interesting, can you open source it??
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    That python code is a mess with passwords and static ip addresses.
    Atlasboard is opensources already and an updated fork exists with recent commits (I upgraded my codebase to that).
    The C64 prg file is a plain BASIC code, which is draw the graphs (very slow, almost half a minute to draw the two graphs) and show the current time (gets time sync data with the graph data from python)
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    Here is an early mockup
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