I have two questions.

Does anyone use competition as a motivator to start coding? For whatever purpose really whether it’s making a similar but better project or just because you’re in a rut and need to get out of it and that fire is pushing you to actually do something. (That last one totally wasn’t inspired by ANYTHING)

And is anyone on here French or know any French Devs?

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    that's a negative on the french part.

    As for competition - if i'm rushing to get something done in a friendly competition between me and someone else, sure that can be fun. In work environment and sports though, it's not my kind of thing - i just don't have any motivation to go up against people i don't know or care about in that kind of setting.

    do whatever works for you though - personally i just need time and peace to get going.
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    @ArcaneEye oh definitely not in a workplace or competitive setting
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    @rendezvous I’m just curious how many are on devRant, I’m reteaching myself French I learned in highschool and then learning more
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    @rendezvous At the time of the comment you have just 1 point count. Did you create an account just to say that?

    Are you jAsE?
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    @rendezvous yeah I’ve been getting more into it so I picked it back up
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