Whoever made the Crystal Reports language, screw you and your silent syntax errors. Sincerely, guy stuck maintaining reports.

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    Oh my god... You literally got me flashbacks. I was working on an accounting program and we used crystalreports to create barcode sheets. It was a damn nightmare.
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    Ewww, SAP Crystal Reports.
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    try {

    /* crystal reports code */

    } catch (Exception ex) {

    //Marketing decided that it would be bad for the user experience if we show error messages with debugging information

    //Therefore, we swallow all exceptions and don't print anything


    ...who am I kidding, there's no way there would be a comment explaining why everything is swallowed
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    @unsignedint oh, ready for this? null exceptions kill any processing instantly if not in a isnull check. silently
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    @Techno-Wizard but its secure and market proven! Source: https://www.crystalreports.com/
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