> be me
> spend 0.02 Ether (about €5) on one of those old-school MUD-style games
> send to the same Ethereum wallet from a previous purchase
> realize that the destination wallet changes for each purchase (probably to mitigate the fact that transaction history and contents in Ethereum wallets is entirely public)

> send an email to the game dev asking to return the transaction or pass it on to my player account
> *cricket noises*

About a week later, i.e. now:
*checks that Ethereum account that I accidentally sent that transaction to*
> $0 on it, transaction has been withdrawn

Now I couldn't care less about the €5 - it's only 2 beers worth - but what I do care about is honesty. Dear Chat Wars admin, that money wasn't yours. Also, I am one of those players that plays very few games but tends to commit to those I do play. The last one I played, I spent several hundreds of euros on over the couple of years I played it. I could've probably paid for your servers, spare time development and then some. But obviously not anymore. Choosing a quick grab of €5 over a relatively steady source of income from someone that tends to financially support what he likes... Re-evaluate your life choices.

Just like that incident with the stolen flash drive that was worth only €10... I couldn't care less about the raw value of them, but I do feel very disappointed in humanity when people go for a quick grab of such worthless things.

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    You know that blockchains are there to remove trust, that's why they call them trustless!
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    @milkyway I do not expect to trust the blockchains out there just as much as I don't trust the bank I do conventional transactions with either. The reason why blockchain technology exists is because it allows us to take our finances into our own hands. Personally, I don't use Ethereum as a daily driver at all, but I do support its purpose.

    Edit: also I still had some coins on my wallet there anyway, so I figured that I might as well use them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @Condor @milkyway I just got it!
    PGP enhanced block chain! So there is a level of trust!
    It can still remain anonymous, because you'd sign a guys key because he gave you what you paid for, not cause you know him.
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    @chabad360 feel free to put it on the Kickfarter
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