Yaaay for Debian 10 (Buster) coming out next month. Should finally (hopefully) fix my laptop touchpad issues 🙌

Also, really looking forward to its other features aswel, newer GNOME and kernel 🙂

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    Ubu 19.04 is based on it, right?
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    Time to nuke my Raspberry Pi and use Arch on it instead
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    You don't have to wait, you can always use Sid. I do, and it works.
    I just have to decide if I stay on Sid or get back to stable then.
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    Buster isn't sid. Buster is testing.
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    @ddephor ofcourse, but I need stability since I use it at my work PC
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    @bahua Yeah, you're right, I mixed it up. I meant testing.
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    @myss As @bahua mentioned, it's testing. And testing is quite stable. I use testing, and for the last few years I only had one issue for a few weeks when trying to update network-manager, which prevented the installation of some other packages. But that didn't disturb the regular work, just the update process, and it was solved eventually.

    Debian testing is as stable as other distros stable version.
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    You can already switch to buster. It's in freeze for quite some time now so there isn't happening anything else than Bugfixes anyway.

    About testing being as stable as other distros stable: I would say that probably about Sid but not testing. Testing often receives it's package transitions in waves that can be inconsistent leading to badly broken packages (especially shortly after a stable release when testing gets pulled to sid). Sid on the other hand gets its packages basically from upstream and even if something breaks it's fixed much faster than in testing.
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    Debian 🤟
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