When you finish a website for a client but dont put it online for them because they can’t find their credentials for their hosting and domain they used for the old website, they stay silent for 6 months then call to tell you that they want their money back and that you didnt finish your job. What is an appropriate reply. Like really how. I cant even express how pissed I am.

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    The appropriate reply is to remind them that they never provided the credentials, with a copy of the written trail (email or something) that you should have detailing your request for the credentials and their replies.
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    Even if you didn't finish the work (but you did), you still invested time into doing it and that has to be paid. Also, their website was ready, they simply didn't give you what you needed to deliver it.

    However... In 6 long months you didn't contact them again asking "where are the credentials I asked you few weeks ago?", do you really had no contact with them for 6 months?
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    No contact what so ever, hated dealing with those idiots so unless contacted by them i wouldnt contact them unless i had updates like “hey the website is done” or “hey awaiting confirmation on ...”
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    @KiDoDa re-read the post and my comment and you’ll realize i did ask for them. I stopped contact after they could not provide them supposedly until they do
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    @sleek Apologies, my mistake, I must have missed it.
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