So yeah now that WSL 2 has been released to insiders, I can confirm that it is 'just' a virtual machine. However it's an incredibly lightweight one. Honestly it's just as responsive as when using iTerm on my Mac.

I gotta say I was hesitant about it being a vm, but they've executed it in a great way. My only problem with it at the moment, is that it only works as a host-only network. Would be nice to have the possibility of changing network adapter settings

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    So it's a huge pile of shit on AMD cpus?
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    @nitwhiz no idea. The only experience I have with AMD is running Proxmox and Ubuntu on a threadripper
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    @KasperNS I'm just trashtalking. Afaik this whole virtualization thing is not as good on AMD as it is on intel. But i could be horribly misinformed there.
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    @nitwhiz perhaps on older amd cpus I'll believe it, but it's working fine on newer
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