Afraid of setting a new goal because as soon as I do I probably wont work towards it. I have this rebellious habit of not doing what I set out to some times. It really stunts my progress and is just flat out irritating.

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    How about anti-goals? :D Things you don’t want to accomplish. Works best for me when I set multiple of such goals :D
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    @ynnk Oh wow, this thought never occurred to me. What has worked for me is not making it a goal and just doing it! I guess this could be considered an anti-goal eh? :)
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    Okay try this. Don’t set a goal. Don’t call it a goal. There is one part of you that’s lazy or unmotivated. There is one part of you that wants to get shit done. This is always the case. There s no way around it.

    Next time you wanna get something done, try setting a if you do this today, you get to do the other thing at the end of it. For eg, finish learning a couple of lessons today and you can go out and enjoy a coffee or a walk in the park. Make sure to follow through with both. Try setting easier goal-reward pairs initially. Doing this for just a few times will get you far. Give it a shot, nothing to lose.
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    @grumpyoldaf Nothing to lose, you are right, and I appreciate the suggestion.
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    If you're setting goals that you have to force yourself to pursue, you're doing it backwards. Being a tyrant to yourself won't make you more productive, quite the opposite.
    Set goals you *want* to acheive.
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