SPDX. Actually a cool idea, you slap one line of comment in your source files that gives the licence. Easy to understand at a glance, and grep friendly. Also no more "huh what exactly does this licence here say, is that MIT, BSD with or without shit or what".

But once you have something simple, you can bet some design committee tries to "improve" it and cover everything imaginable.

The result looks like this (see also screenshot): https://wiki.spdx.org/view/...

Holy shit. What was that about? Simplifying crap? Yeah sure that's totally what it looks like.

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    Honestly I'd rather read PayPal's legalese EULA crap than traverse this map...
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    @Condor Actually, it's a spec for tools I think. But the whole thing is rather pointless because no OSS author will bother with this shit on this level because it's too complicated.

    What remains are tools that extract data from sources and compile the stuff, but that doesn't need any special format info. Any database would do.
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    @Fast-Nop Now that you mention it.. on paper it looks overcomplicated but (without having read this map for obvious reasons) if it were to be implemented in a database and a program could decode this mess, then yeah that could definitely work. 'course, that takes SPDX to implement that as well then I guess.
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