Getting a break from the computer and watching the rain...

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    @irene thanks. My nickname I was given by my girlfriend. So she bought me a mug haha!
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    I like the cup
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    @norman70688 I like your comment ++
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    My Google Home Mini is set to tell me the weather, events in my calendar for tomorrow and then play thunderstorm sounds when I say good night to it - thunderstorm sounds are so calming it makes me fall asleep in seconds. I love it, the Google Assistant even says my name and wishes me a good night 😊. (my name is easily pronounced in English and even used in England - thanks mom ❤️)

    Edit: can't say the same for my brother's name as it is pronounced differently in English but it is still used in England so I guess it is fine

    Edit 2: I miss my brother... I should go visit my family soon...

    Edit 3: Don't mind me, I am drunk
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    @bytecode you're a bit of a legend.

    I love the sound of rain when I'm trying to get to sleep but when it rains in a London it's sort of half of pathetic spit. May have a look into Google home mini.

    Jealous of your drunkenness.
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