Rant here... Consistent daily Mob or pair pair programming is for noobs, non-competent programmers that delay deadlines and cannot hold their own in corporate development environments

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    Yeah pair programming sucks. Talking and thinking at the same time doesn't work well. That's why chess players don't talk while they play.
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    @Fast-Nop and employing more people to solve the same problem only makes solving the problem slow. Doesn’t help anyone imo except make bad programmers feel like they are contributing
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    I think pair programming sucks and is stupid as well. However, there are those out there who have had a positive experience with it. Who am I to say those people shouldn't do it?
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    Actually I love it. For example it's the perfect way to teach juniors. Just plan 2h a day pairing with them and their progress is incredible. I too learned some stuff from juniors that way.
    And I like to do it with other seniors, too. Most of the time we come up with a much better solution together than we both would have alone. If you didn't have any of those experiences I really wonder why.
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    Mob programming? How about telling artists to do Mob painting? Or musicians to do Mob composition? Do you think they would be happy? Writing software is an artistic endeavor.

    One of the main pleasures of being a developer is sitting alone, in peace and quiet, sipping on a cup of coffee, and creating something that is YOURS. That sense of satisfaction and pride one gets from this lost when working in groups. Spending hours discussing things like the best way to blink an LED or name a variable gets old fast. Having to tiptoe around fragile egos all day also gets old fast.

    I recently left a job of 6 years because a newly hired director forced mob programming on the existing software team without asking anyone how they felt about it.

    Managers, heed this warning: force this garbage on your devs at your own risk. I guarantee you will be resented for it and start losing good people.
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