Anyone loves bryan lunduke linux sucks? Where is linux sucks 2019?

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    I thought I saw something about the last Linux Sucks being last year or something in the video title? Not sure though
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    @chilledfrogs it’s the 2017, but no he lied and explain about it in 2018
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    @devTea Ah I see, fair enough
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    I do, I watched the last one a couple of times yet, he has a good sense of humor
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    Thanks for sharing! Watching 2018 right now... Really thought provoking, but funny nonetheless.
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    Yes I follow him wherever I can follow him!

    Can't wait for whenever he does the next one :D
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    Let’s see :
    Office productivity apps : None. OpenOffice is shitty as fuck
    Video games : Almost non existent (I added “Almost” for like 10 games in steam on linux)
    Dev IDEs : Nop. Nothing complete where I can do everything from code backend to front end to databases to deploy without leaving IDE and using CLI
    Drivers : You got a new video card ? Too bad : here you go VESA 800x600 mode
    Basic apps : Telegram, whatsapp, messenger.
    Updates : You see that kernel upgrade ? If you do it, 50/50 chance to lose your GRUB
    Now for GOOD stuf :
    I still like KDE interface more than windows (But it starts to change)
    I like BASH : Very easy to do small tasks. (Well, bash is available on other platforms too)
    AWK. You can do ANYTHING with AWK
    No forced data collection
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