Please make the UI intuitive, OK? Sure thing, boss

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    @RAISEDBYWOLVES To confuse the onboarders what means what so you follow your intuition :))
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    @RAISEDBYWOLVES very evil we all need to be "intuitive" lol
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    @RAISEDBYWOLVES sponsored by foursquare
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    @hjk101 Squarespace
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    @KushagraKarira Just check the first room number on either sides it'll be way quicker
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    UI is good.
    UX is terrible.
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    @zotigapo the only Interfacing here is displaying info to the User. It fails at that so both bad user interface and user experience i'd argue. The design is pretty though...
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    Goddammit, now I’m going to be 30 minutes late to that very important meeting!!
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