TL: DR - This year is not good so far.

One important thing that I learned this year is you understand a certain person's importance after they are no more.

My grandfather, whom I've always hated, ignored, made my distance from him, just because he was unfair with me and my mother since my childhood, passed away a few days before. Only then I realized what kind of a fucking idiot I am.

On top of that, 2 of my best friends stop being friends with me, for one I had gone too far with a practical joke and for another, I proposed her.

But 2 months from now I expect things to be left behind, locked away in a closet, and throw away the key.

So, I'll just say this, that acknowledge person while they are here, don't hold any grudge towards any fucking one.

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    true. and thoughts and prayers. and try not to make your parents trouble your own. don't know if that applies here though. we included a grandmother in law for the sake of our children regardless of the struggle of our ancestors. turned out totally fine for everyone fortunately.
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