So, I recently started a new job as a "general" IT tech for someone my dad knows. He does insurance billing and everything is done manually (manually copying from pdfs to excel sheets, etc). A couple of weeks ago, I started developing a custom suite of software for automation of some parts of the processes + integration with the task management software we use. At this point, I feel like my boss is turning into a client. Is this a common occurrence? BTW, it's a small company (5 employees including him) and I'm the only person who does tech around here.

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    I guess that's fine, but if he's a good businessman he'll do everything to keep it this way (I assume you are paid by the hour) because it's cheaper. Regardless of the environment, most bosses appreciate this so I always try to become "the script guy to approach with any tedious task". Although I don't have experience about the long run, I never had any problems with it.
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