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    This is the real reason open source became a thing. To legitimize this type of creation without reason, just for the betterment of everyone who might want to use it even if no one else will. 😂
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    No. This is good. I'd rather spend those three days than those other three hours.
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    @-red well this good, only and only if we're talking about your free time.
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    @Commodore Well at the end of it you might have something useful to more than just yourself. Not to mention how much you'll learn by doing so.
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    I spend 5 days so I could turn my lights on and off using a website. Takes the same ammount of time to turn them off, but now I get to stay in bed!
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    @-red sure. To be clear, I'm not arguing the usefulness of doing something by yourself but the astronomical cost of a task that will be hard to explain to a client or a manager.

    @LavaTheif and everyone can turn on and off your lights 😜
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    This is too real.
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    same story here :D i swear by god, i did the same thing ahahahahahahah :D
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    Job security
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