Can anyone suggest me some open source projects? I went through a lot of articles where everyone said according to your interest you should select the project

I also went through this:

Still, I am finding it hard to select a project. I am intermediate in python, PHP, openCV, highly interested in OpenCV, cloud computing and web development.

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    Are you trying to find one to use, or contribute to?
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    @AlmondSauce for contributing
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    I find this works quite naturally tbh - I'm not a *regular* contributor on any in particular, but I find that if I particularly want a feature / find a bug annoying in an OS library, I'll go ahead and submit a PR. That works better for me than scouting around looking for one I can contribute to regularly.
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    @AlmondSauce Same...

    @NitinSahu tl;dr necessity is the mother of invention.

    I started my entry into open source (Still entering) with an ill-fated attempt to port a non-POSIX compliant c++ program to Windows... But I don't know c++ so I wasn't able to help much... But I tried.

    Now I'm working on getting a project named Frappe (https://github.com/frappe/frappe) to run well on Docker. An effort started by them, but never really worked on.

    It's more fun, easy, and motivating to work on an issue that actually bothers you. Plus, it feels good when you use a feature you developed.

    And the same goes for starting a new project, necessity is the mother of invention they say, so if you find that there is a gap in something which could be filled by a plugin, make that plugin (I'm now in the design phase for a docker volume plugin).
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    @NitinSahu your welcome
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