STEP 1: Buy a 3D printer
STEP 2: Print a 3D printer
STEP 3: Return the 3D printer

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    Instructions unclear. I downloaded a bear
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    STEP 3: Print 2 3D printers
    STEP 4: Print 4 3D printers
    STEP 19: Print 262,144 3D printers
    STEP 13: Return original 3D printer
    STEP 14: Sell 524,287 3D printers for £2,00 each
    STEP 15: Split the £1,048,574,000 with me or else I’ll retract idea.
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    Reminds me of a microwave meal I got once:

    "Free meal voucher"

    Printed on the packet..

    So, buy 1 meal, remove voucher, go into shop, get another meal, remove voucher, go into shop, get another meal, repeat..

    Until either they run out of meals, or the shop refuses to serve you anymore..

    (I wrote server first!)

    The latter kept happening to me !

    500 meals later, I'd exhausted all available shops within transport range !
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    Another story. :-)


    Went to my bank to cash a cheque for $1,000, only new security they say they can't cash a cheque that high anymore..

    $100 is the highest in a single transaction..

    Ok, I present a cheque for $100, they cash it..

    I present another cheque for $100, they cash it..

    I present another cheque for $100, they go and get the manager..

    Who asks me "Are you going to keep giving us cheques for $100 to cash?"

    Well, of course I am !

    If you are going too be stupid enough to restrict the amount per transaction, but not the number of transactions per day, of course I'm going to use that loophole !

    No worries, they stopped me cashing any cheques then..
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    Related story..


    Limit is $500 a day.


    At least where I am, if you use the ATM outside the bank and withdrawal $500, and then use the one inside, it doesn't yet know you already took out $500 so lets you take out another $500. :-)

    Dunno if that works since I no longer have that kind of money I need to take out to pay my rent !

    A bank cashier told me about that one when I had trouble trying to get $1,000 of my own money out of the bank at once !
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    I wonder how long before a 3D will be built that could do that..
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    @Nanos I'm going to steal your enter keys.
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