The moment you realize you've spent years in a technology where the "IDE":
- isn't too good at finding references, unless the project is tiny
- is not capable to do any sort of refactoring (or at least you shouldn't trust it due to the point above)
- doesn't let you connect to any version control
- doesn't allow to CTRL+Z or any equivalent
- I won't even mention templates or dark theme

Guess the name. Feel free to tell me how utterly stupid this is so maybe I'll finally work on changing my path before it's too late.

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    Even notepad has ctrl z an dark theme if you try hard enough
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    Not even CTRL-Z?? What "IDE" is this?
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    Even the default text editor on ubuntu has a dark mode ^^
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    @irene last I checked Eclipse has dark theme.
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    @IAmAnIssue So that means there must be something even worse than eclipse? We‘re gonna need a bigger boat.
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    @irene eclipse has none of these problems
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    Sounds like a really bad combination of legacy, proprietary, and corporate
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    @RememberMe yep, welcome to TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.x
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    When I've read the first two sentence I have thought instantly to XCode, it seems that every update the indexing became slower and slower.
    But how is possible that the IDE you talk about has no ctrl+Z?!
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    Dunno, the only thing without CTRL+Z I can think of is Vim but it has every other feature
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    @1337M0nst3r I mean, u is a thing so not even that
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    @irene well Designer for BW 5.x is retarded indeed, it's mainly meant to graphically model processes (but once you change something and save it, good luck reverting it :D). The Designer for BusinessWorks 6.x is based on Eclipse so guess it's better, it has to be :P
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    @irene yeah, now that I think about it, it might not necessarily be all that better :D
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