Horrible interview story:
I was interviewed in a meeting room along with 2 other applicants at the same time. Our CVs were read to us in front of each other, and the questions were asked game show style where the fastest one answers.
It was terribly unprofessional and a huge red flag.
They wanted to give me a starting salary of 1000$.
Thankfully, I got accepted in another much better company before making a possibly huge mistake.

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    Wait whaaat ?
    This is how I imagined this for a second.
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    Sounds quite an efficient solution to me..
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    $1000 a month?! 0.o or a week? Or biweekly?
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    Reminds me of this recent series I watched:


    Only seen the first series so far, quite good I'd say, reminds me of Technocracy.
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    Ask them if they ever had a history of getting shot by a disgruntled employee. Damn, this is so irritating. I would have walked out and the other guy can get the job. It's usually the companies who pay very little that do this. Fuck them.
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    @AleCx04 a month.. I live in Lebanon so that's an average salary. But for a developer it's pretty low.
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    Come to germany! :)
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    lmao, 1000$ a month. Lowballing motherfuckers.
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    Congratz on getting the other job, good luck ;)
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