Just redid a small work script in Golang to test it out.

Honestly, speed matters little for what it is, the original was in Python.

By heavens Golang is one ugly ass looking language.

I like using it tho, its easy to understand and performant for networking, file io and shit like that.

But man....shit is ugly to look at from a distance.

I do think that most langs look ugly af tho, so shit is allright.

Syntactic whitespace is still shit btw.

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    I feel the same way about Go. It's fast as hell and I'll gladly use it for cross-platform tools, but wow is it ever ugly sometimes.
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    Allow me to introduce BASH
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    What‘s ugly about it? I‘d like to know, because i like the Syntax😅
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    @1337M0nst3r Bash is really the worst (maybe Windows Batch is worse). Not only ugly, but it has tons of "design decisions" I disagree with:
    - Mostly weakly typed
    - Comparisons implemented as external command ('[')
    - case ... esac
    - Using a variable without quotes? Congrats, a security issue on the worst case!
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    Batch is still worse, but yeah, Bash isn't that much better.
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    I think Golang is prettier than PHP. I use both lang
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    @RiderExMachina @sbiewald @1337M0nst3r i agree, but I ain't gonna use those for building anything larger than a 10 line script. I don't really think of them as programming languages
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    @sbiewald when building a large project one starts to see a huuuuuuuuuuge ammount of if err != nil{} all over the place. That is ugly.

    var? Ugly

    _? Ugly

    Convination of all of it spaced out over and over because of gofmt---> ugly.

    But i have seen uglier. Perl for example is uglier, so is c++. Mind you, this is my opinion, doesn't mean these languages are bad. I think they are all pretty great actually
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    @AleCx04 have you tried Vlang yet? I think it‘s actually pretty similar to Go and Rust and it also handles errors differently to what you criticized. Why not check it out, it‘s still really new though😅
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    @AleCx04 So, what language do ya recommend?
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    @1337M0nst3r for what? i don't hate on langs man. Y'all use whatever y'all like as long as it is within the purpose of what you are doing :D
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    @AleCx04 I code my backend in Assembly x86
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    @1337M0nst3r that's pretty gangstah
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