Talk with a co-worker who has a bit of a motivational problem.

Him: if I had more fun, I would be more productive.
Me: you're not here for fun, that's why they pay us.
Him: how are you motivated?
Me: by money.


A bit later.

Him: do you plan for retirement some day?
Me: no. By then, there won't be retirement anymore. We will eat fried rats in the street.

He starts understanding why I'm wearing black metal shirts.

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    Black metal shirts? 🤔
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    @irene yeah we're both metalheads, and also another colleague, but I'm the only one into the sicker ends of metal.

    For example right now, "Kerker aus Zeit" (prison of time) by Lunar Aurora:

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    @Fast-Nop I like metal but this one is not in my taste 🤔

    I prefer something bit more melodic or with strong rhythm

    Sum Finnish guys 🙂
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    @irene video not available in Germany. :/

    Yeah that album is quite sick, and rumors have it that their tape machine was somewhat broken when recording. It only adds to the charme. ^^

    Lunar Aurora was one of the best German black metal bands at all. One of their later songs that always reminds me of rainy and cold mountains in Norway in summer holiday:

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    Also... Money does not motivate me. What's wrong with me?
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    @Fast-Nop song is "Turmion Katilot - Verta ja lihaa"
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    @irene ah that's more industrial metal, yeah.

    And with enough money, you can hire mercenaries to abduct @rutee07 and then defect to South America.
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    @Fast-Nop yes, industrial metal 🙂

    Why should I abduct her? (Except her cuteness and lewdness)
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    @irene well that's already two reasons, and running a torture cellar for innocent victims would be a third one.
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    @Fast-Nop dunno, my agression is dormant while I'm permanently depressed 🤔
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    @Fast-Nop I like your optimism!
    Nice and shiny outlook on life!

    Eating rats in the street? bah, in my day, we ate dirt in a hole the ground, and was happy about it!
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    I can relate, money doesn't motivate me too much either.
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    People these days always find an excuse of "not having fun" before getting anything done. It's work, you get paid to do it, what you get from working is money so you stuff shit in your mouth and die one day.

    It's common sense but I have to repeat it to people so they don't behave like spoiled brats who can barely do shit and still feel entitled for a blowjob from their employer.

    I wear a suicide belt for abduction purposes. 😂
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    I'm on klonies. Depression can't hit me.
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    > It's work, you get paid to do it, what you get from working is money so you stuff shit in your mouth and die one day.

    Speak for yourself. I, for one, want to occasionally do something interesting or have fun at work.
    If I wanted a mind-numbingly boring job that just makes money I'd work at an assembly line.
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    @VaderNT I'm referring to the people who feel it's their employer's obligation to do everything to make them happy. I see a lot of employees these days who would want a swing set in their office and all that shit.

    As for interesting and fun work, that is yours to find. I wouldn't last in a boring job either but I consider it as my responsibility to find one, not the employer's.
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    @rutee07 Oh, I see! Yes, agree 100%. 😃
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    @rutee07 also, a job isn't a hobby project, and professional jobs are paid so that also the not-so-cool things get done.

    And yeah, a chastity belt with C4, that's totally you. ^^
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    The guys here saying money doesn't motivate them probably earn enough already or don't have stuff they want the money for.
    How do you spell motivation: MONEY.
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