This happens with me most of the time...😅😅

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    Oh yes. we've all been there.
    At my job I have this as well - but the oner way around.
    It Does not Work on my Machine, and how the Fuck does it work in Production???
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    @magicMirror Same here, and I'm beginning to think AI exists on a very high level and it's hiding from us, and all it does is deciding whether it wants some code to run on some machine or not. Basically fucks with us programmers all the time for its own shits and giggles.
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    @xaero nope. It is the IT guy, who has all the passwords who fucks with me....
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    That is no problem anymore if you simply use your machine as production.
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    The definition of asshat...
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    Was talking bout the pic not you.

    If you want a serious answer. Either there is to much difference between dev & production environments (and need to fix deploy/dependencie management) or you need a way to test with actual production data.
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    Every fucking time 😒😀
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