Oh yeah. Who's excited for the stadia-pfffft! HAHAHAHAHA!

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    Don't understand. What is the context?
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    @caap Google's trying to make a game streaming platform where you pay money to access the platform so you can pay more money to buy games on it. If you don't pay the subscription, you can't access your games, and if the platform dies, you'll lose all of the shit you bought.

    Also, EU and US internet reliability is dogshit compared to Japan/South Korea's. If you've had the "pleasure" of using Comcast, you know exactly what I mean.

    Enjoy hitting your monthly data cap in 5 minutes from playing CoD Modern Warfare on the stadia!
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    @Ellis ye ofc I heard of stadia, but in Germany we don't think that negatively about it. Our mobile internet reliabilty is a real pain, but landline is kinda solid I'd say. In cities at least...^^
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    @caap So $12/month to pay ~$60 per game that I could buy once and keep forever without fear of google deciding to add amother dead project to the pile.

    That's ignoring the input latency, the data plan you'd need to use it, and possibility of corrupting saves or losing game progress because your local ISP is carrying out maintenance or your router is shitting bricks for some reason.
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    *Sensible chuckle*

    I may be a massive google fanboy but even I'll stay away from Stadia, not going to go and BUY my games at full rice again only to have to pay to access them or just rely on having internet...

    (Australian internet is a scary beast)
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    I think it works for me,

    I can pay 12/mo instead of $100 per game in here,

    also here we have something called NBN, its very fast and unlimited
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    Meeeeee ♥️🤩
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    @nam17887 hmm I think you don't fully understand it,
    You have to pay for the subscription and for the game

    So in your example it's 100 + 12/month

    And if you quit your subscription you lose access to your 100 game
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    @caap Germany is known for having one of the worst internet speeds and connections in Europe, worse than many less developed eastern countries.
    Of course not every person in Germany has shitty internet, but I doubt Stadia will be popular there 😋
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    @nam17887 REALLY WHAT THE HELL
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    @Ellis "If you don't pay the subscription, you can't access your games, and if the platform dies, you'll lose all of the shit you bought."

    You clearly didn't visit their website. They have two types of subscription, the first one is a monthly paid version which gives you access to 4K games details and have some free games (maybe 1 per month).
    And there is another one which is free but cap at 1080p and all games you could buy in a paid version is still available in the free version and vice-versa.
    I'm not here to say Stadia is awesome, just to correct what you said.
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    @Dakhtara True on the whole if you don't pay you can't play side of things, but if the platform dies, your games on the platform go with it.

    Google is very well known for killing projects like mad.
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    Of course but all of this apply to Steam, UPlay, Origin, Epic Games, PSStore.

    But Indeed Google killed some services or change it by the time (Google+)
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    @Dakhtara True for all of those, but at least you can download their games and they'll stay there.
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