Everyone complains that a certain developer's code is not up to standard and when they have to take over his project the lack of code quality is really slowing them down.

I look at code, agree it is poor quality and put together a learning plan for said developer.

Also look at who approved every pull request which allowed bad code into our codebase. Same developers as those complaining it's no good. You had your chance to stop it!

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    Have you looked at microshits C coding style? Where the comment describing what the function does is put between the parameter head thingie and the body?
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    @b3b3 are u serious?? Who does that?
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    @b3b3 What the hell?
    Link, please. I want to print out their style guide and burn it.
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    @Root while you're at it, could you also print a copy for me and burn that too?
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    Fair point, but try explaining to your boss why you're denying every pull request. If you think "because the code is shit and our team just isn't capable of better" is going to be sufficient then you've got a surprise in store for you. They want the project done, they want the product shipped, and sometimes all you can do as lead is try to keep the absolute worst shit out of the repo while understanding that a lot of crap is going to get in. You can (and obviously should!) try and educate the team, try and correct the issues, but I'll tell you from many years of experience that some developers will never care enough to improve or fundamentally just aren't capable of producing better work. Your boss won't care about that though, won't back you essentially shutting the project down because none of the pull requests meet your (probably 100% valid) expectations. They just want things to keep moving, whether what's moving is shit or gold, they don't care.
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    @shiv7071007 @Root It was some windows driver examples. https://code.msdn.microsoft.com/win... this is what I was able to find. Not sure if it's the right one but I'm not at home rn so I cannot verify. The hard disk driver I think.
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    @fzammetti I get the point you're making and there's definitely an element of pressure from external sources sometime. But that's no excuse for willingly allowing low quality work into our products.

    Pull requests are an opportunity for a discussion and to sanity check with college, not just a gateway to pass otherwise there is no point doing then.

    In this specific case, pressure was not an issue, it's just the developer doesn't understand some of the fundamentals and others have just ignored the problem until it affects them.
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    @fzammetti and of expect better feedback than "this is shit". I expect constructive feedback and helpful discussions.
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    @LMagnus I don't disagree, with this or your other reply to me. I'm known at work for being the guy not afraid to tell the boss that this-or-that isn't realistic if we want quality to be what we should want it to be and I see that as part of my responsibility as a lead architect and I always try to instill that in the juniors below me too.

    Doesn't mean I always win of course, sometimes I just gotta eat the shit burger whether I Iike it or not, but you gotta be able to stand up and say what's right even if you get overruled later.
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