So is this true? Does the caste thing really follow you around outside of India or is this a Hindu thing? Because I don’t know.


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    Only if you work with assholes.
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    i think it’s true the moment you start talking about marriage.

    in Japan there was "burakumin", (kind of japanese untouchable), a segregation that is dead since 1871, but parents still do background checks and oppose marriage if the other party had "burakumin" ancestors.

    so just to say it never really goes away in society (and it’s people wherever they are) that emphasizes a lot on traditions.
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    @rendezvous I didn’t know about this.
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    Nope. Even in India in Urban areas, most people don't care about such stuff. People don't go about asking someone's caste.
    It is prevalent in rural areas to an extent though
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    @Konsole when you say urban, do you mean “city size >= X” or more of geographical location?

    I ask because in the US when people say urban they usually are talking about the east or west coasts.
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    @bkwilliams By Urban I say reasonably big progressive cities.
    The line can be blur
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