I wonder if there is any technical issues that prohibit the creation of open source websites.
By "web sites" I do not consider CMS like Drupal or word press, but rather entire end web site sources.

In fact anything (frontend, backend) except database content that contain user data and credentials.

Not for reusability purposes like CMSs, but simply for transparency and community development purposes, like almost any open source end application.

I agree that a web server is much more exposed than a classic desktop app, as it has lots of targetable private data and internet public access. But for some non-critical purpose this seems to be affordable in exchange of better code review, allowing a community to help improve a tool it uses, and better (not perfect though) transparency (which is an increasingly relevant question nowadays, mainly towards personal data usage).

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    How do you know that what you see in a public repository is the same thing hosted somewhere if you don't have access to the hosting?
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    I thought the GitHub hosting for static sites gave you this functionality?
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    @kamen Like I said it doesn't guarantee a perfect transparancy

    But I think there is no point on spending time in creating and managing an open source repo, if you use a different setup backstage.

    Why switching to this model id you aren't respecting this constraint that you have imposed on yourself.
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    My file uploader, lewd.se, is open source. There's also an imageboard (well basically porn) called danbooru which is open source as well https://github.com/r888888888/...

    I tried googling for more but it seems like all I get are sites where you can download open source software and top n lists of that :v
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    Because it would be additional work without benefit, and it would quickly devalue unique designs.
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