One year after planning, ideation, development. We were finally ready to launch our client’s product. Everyone was super excited to finally be done with the project. I was responsible to launch it, on a Monday, overnight.

Launch successful. Everyone is happy.

But then it happened... we got the call.. the application is not working. Our team started working to figure out what may have gone wrong, error logs weren’t useful, Application monitors were calm.

Finally, after a tiresome 24 hours, I logged into the hosting account of our client, and there it was, in big bold letters, “Ram: 512MB”.

Apparently, our client thought it would be best to get a cheaper dedicated server instead of the one we fucking recommended.

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    Your monitoring didn't include ram usage and swapping?
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    @Root no :( our client takes care of the server monitoring, we’re more of the app monitoring (using products like Sentry)
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