Lots of dudes keep posting his "check in at the gym" statuses on fb.

Shit like that irritates me. I go to the gym at least once a day, have been going since my military days. I have no need to take pictures and or let my fb people know about that shit. I have way more important shit to do.

My biggest thing is, how the fuck do you equate going to the gym with success?

A picture of you working out with the tags "chasing my dreams", "towards my goal in life", "getting the future i want" <----how? Are you gonna live of getting slim and fit? I mean, you can, but then why are you still living with your parents being unemployed?

How? You can't say that you are chasing your dreams there when the only reason you get to go 5 times a day there is because you are unemployed......

Just saying

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    Isn't there any way to hide his posts, or better yet, remove him from your life.

    PS: I am not responsible for any decision of removing said person.
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    @Jilano wish it was only one man. Its a whole culture of fucktards continuously posting shit like that.
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    You know the kind of people that surround themselves with inspirational and motivational posters and quotes?
    That, plus the dopamine kick of posting on social media and generating attention to themselves.

    Solution: keep scrolling and ignore. That's the exact opposite of they want from you.
    If persistent, start using the "hide this post" and "hide posts from this person" features.
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    Perhaps their dream is to never work and live at the expense of their parents/girlfriend/etc.
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    @irene TIL I’m a simple man
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    @nicbe a drenched basic bro?
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    @Commodore ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
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    Do you, by any chance, remember Filthy Frank? He had a video about these types of people on the internet. Fucking hilarious.
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    Being maximally charitable, the validation they may be getting from this public posting may in turn help them get out of their chair and into the gym in the first place.

    That said, if you can filter their posts..
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    @irene i imagined as much. Seems kinda sad though
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    @RantSomeWhere i remember the dude just not the video. Gonna have to look him up
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    @halfflat one can. But it is weird having to mute the shit of people that i would normally find cool and likeable
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    @rutee07 its hard man. I have to go at 10:00 at night because otherwise the gym would be packed.

    I ain't disciplined, i am just scared of being fat again :V
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    I presume their girlfriends ( if they have one ) do shopping and carry heavy bags so they can pursue their dream of being dumbass.
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    I love the gym, but these brotards and brotardettes really fucking piss me off. Like one other comment in here said, it’s become a thing.. even more than it used to be.
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