Recent graduate asking about programming work.

I just graduated a bachelor's for Games Programming. I've studied c++, Java, Unreal, Android studio and Mathematics. Also includes group projects and game specific stuff.

I spent a year in Germany doing software and database courses which included 6 months working as a front end developer as an intern.

I keep getting job offers for front end work but I'm seeing no interest from software or games. I hate websites, specifically front end and don't want to end up stuck in that career.

Should I avoid front end jobs and hold out for something else, or do you think I should bear with it for now? I'm currently waiting on an interview for a 12 month contract as a front end developer at a rate of £200 a day, 5 days a week. Yet I have absolutely no idea if this is good or not.

Any advice you more experienced people can give me? 😰

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    I feel your pain. I wanted to be a game programmer too, but when nobody was hiring, I took what was offered. I spent 5 years working in COBOL before heading into frontend and I've been stuck in that career path ever since.

    My advice: Follow your dream. Take something that will pay the bills, but never stop looking for that game development position. Make sure that any contract you take has a clause that allows you to quit at any time (with notice). That way, when the opportunity comes, you can take it with no worries.

    Best of luck.
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    Depends what country and city you are based in.

    I'm from UK so I'll say my story and hopefully it might help you

    When I graduated (in 2018) I really wanted to work in a geoscience company - however I was unable to get into this field I needed experience to get into the graduate role..

    I finally have job after 8 months (due to brexit).. the role ok to deal with but it's the workplace that makes it fun for me.

    I do still wish to still go into my dream field but It doesn't matter to me, I can switch fields anytime I want - that is after all the best part about a computer science degree.

    Tl:Dr. It doesn't matter about your first job. Just get a job secured - you can still apply to other companies (or gaming if you still wish to) if you are unhappy.
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    Well i will tell you my story too.

    After graduating i felt like i need a programming job to understand markets and how the world works from the developers side of view. It was like a dream from me.

    So i took many courses on Udemy trying to learn hopelessly what's currently trending in my country (Lebanon). Sometimes i find JS is trending, sometimes asp.net laravel mobile. So i chose JavaScript i began with nodejs, then angular, then react and reactjs.

    Well suddenly after studying all of these i found a full stack job at a startup taking into consideration that it was not a top startup but it works. After few months it went into bankruptcy and now am stuck with a full stack javascript and the market is currently in need of .net and laravel. It's going crazy.

    In summary the market change so fast. It's always in rotation sometimes JS is the top and sometimes php and some cms frameworks leads.

    Find a stack, learn, grow, find a job then apply where you feel like you belong.
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