So, today I got my first day of vacation. Amazingly I didn't get called yet, but I know the other Dev wasn't in today else.

Who wants to place bets I'm going to get called this week. Really bad that I'm already bracing myself :l

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    If you per chance work in Germany just turn your phone off. It's even illegal here to call you on vacation if you haven't agreed to it.
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    @ShotgunSurgeon the Netherlands, but can imagine similar rules would exist here. It is my personal number though, which I also use to actually socialize with friends. I wish I had a business number, because then it was easy
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    my smartphone has a blacklist feature maybe yous has too. You could put their number on it and remove it after vacation
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    @ShotgunSurgeon hero, never thought of that lol
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    While they didn't technically call me, I already saw that my slack messages are piling up :s

    Long live snooze and offline mode!
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