Remember how much free time we used to have in school? Like I used to play a musical instrument, binge on series, play a ton of games, id pickup random hobbies just because I can.

Being an adult is so fucking depressing I wanna be a kid again.

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    Well yeah, if others provide for your life (like parents), then of course it's more relaxed, compared to when you have to fund yourself.

    Then again, a society where everyone would live out of someone else's pocket wouldn't work.
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    Time management, my friend. Your parents used to do that for you, now you have to figure that out.
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    Meh. You only have a lot of time in your preteen years, but at that stage your hobbies and tendencies are not as developed, so you end up doing stupid shit and wasting time.

    I’m 17 and barely have time to follow my passions. Last time i touched a piece of code was months ago. Last time i opened steam was half a year ago. I always wanted to learn how to play the electric guitar, but this dream is still unfulfilled because our educational system does not leave room for personal development or extracurricular activities. Plus, I’m broke as fuck. There’s no time to work alongside school.

    As a late teenager, you’re left with two options: working your ass off in order to not fall into an existential crisis later in life or dropping out of school and follow your passions, but being poor and possibly a hedonist degenerate.

    The takeaway is that life fucking sucks, no matter your age. I hate it.
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