So I recently finished my Abi (final school exams thing in germany) and got relatively good grades. My IT grades were good, I was best of the class. So two local companies gave me some neat gifts (the best of the class always reveive some presents). One of the companies I was thinking about applying to even gifted me a Bluetooth speaker (thanks for that!).
Now comes the bad part: I looked up the speaker on amazon and now it thinks I want to buy it. I get ads from that exact speaker EVERYWHERE although I already own it. And no, amazon doesn't even think about showing me ads of other articles I've been looking at way more often and way longer.


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    Assuming you were looking on the German amazon, go to this link: https://www.amazon.de/gp/history you can see the history of things you looked at and remove it from there. It might help ;)
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    @Cariad didn't know that, thanks!

    Edit: removed that thing from the list. Now the only things left are some books. Guess what ads I get? Bluetooth speaker. The exact same one. Good job amazon
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    @b3b3 They might have a cache as well ;) give it a couple of days & delete your browser cookies
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    nice one😂😏
    und Glückwunsch zum Abi!
    congrats to your A-level!
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    Take a photo of the speaker and post it on Amazon so they know you already have it :P
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    @rynken thats on my phone and I barely use it anyways. Ublocking all my way through the www when on my pc
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    Abi… 22 years ago… I'm old. :)
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