I don't know man if it's inferiority superiority complex or I'm actually bit slow in development but the guy who works with me is quite fast at making stuff. I don't want be a person who left out by his co-worker. The constant thing going on my mind these days is how can i become faster at making stuff.

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    Is your code quality good?
    As in: Clean Code book good?
    Is his code quality good?

    These are the questions you need to ask, or it will become an unmaintainable mess.
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    Umm in current standards we need to deliver a thing ASAP so, his code is bit messy mine is bit more manageable.
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    @spacefr0st "a bit more messy" is faster than trying to still keep the code from.turning into spaghetti.
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    I worked with a guy that was really slow, but his code was super clean and he would spend time doing the things no one cared enough to do, and it was important. Our logs got much better thanks to him and debugging got faster.
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