Jingle Bells
Printing's Hell
Think I'm gonna cry

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    Driver says,
    It‘s not installed
    Raging all the way.
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    Jingle Bells
    Go to hell
    Get the fuck out of my way
    Oh what fun
    It is to ride
    Over bodies every day
    Jingle Bells
    Go to hell
    Bitch what did I just say?
    Run that ass
    'cause you can't hide
    From my motherfucking sleigh
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    Jingle bells??!!
    It's bloody July, pick something more in season!
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    @AlmondSauce you've never heard of Christmas in July?
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    Not sure if you're talking about writing code to print stuff or actually trying to print stuff, but oh man. There were a number of years at a previous job where for some reason I was in charge of getting our application to print properly, with about 700 requirements to print it different ways.

    Did they ever give me a dedicated printer to test code with? No. No they didn't. Was every single printer known to humanity used by all our different clients, and some would report bugs specific to *their* exact printer? Yes, yes it was so.

    That all sucked so bad. Never again.
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    @OmgItBurns Is that something like snow in August?
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    Must babysit, or the moment you turn your back, paperjam !

    "We want a perfect circle."

    (Several ellipses later..)
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