My essay company wants to add new sections to our company website.
I`m wondering if it`s difficult for programmers to write essays and do you actually need it.
No spam, just gathering opinions. Thanks

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    Ey, essé, Wtf is an essay 😅😂

    Iow, I just don't.
    That's where copywriters have to step in.
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    Programmers may or may not Excell at writing essays. The higher education graduates will have no problem, but others will surely not be suited to write essays. It is not a skill that matters in programming, so... no, it is not necessary.
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    What's an essay company?!

    But yes, they can. Sometimes. Depends on the programmer. Some of us have academic backgrounds where we've written papers / essays / theses quite extensively, and had them published.

    Whether you want that content on your website though is a whole other question!
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