My client recently asked for help with a product idea he has. He already got his lead developer to hack a proof of concept together.

My client knows I have more time and would start progressing the whole project. He says that he is fed up of all of these huge plans for some huge product...

I said ok, let's start getting the next few features on and using the product with the team.

He then said he wanted a big plan for the whole thing... so I said the whole point was to just get on with it and see how we get on as there are so many unknowns.

Somehow, due to a lack of other work, I have decided to help make a proposal that is far too long for this project. Would have just been better to get on for a few days and make a MVP of the product that works.

Instead I am waiting to see if this latest proposal will actually land me this work...

I'm pretty sure all of this back and forth is proof I don't want to work for this client!

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