I just found out that my company gives a lesser raise to higher paid employees so that eventually, everyone is paid around the same.

Guess I won't be staying here much longer.

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    Is there a reason for that, paying lesser paid jobs more sounds suspicious. Is there a conflict because of pay in your company?
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    @p100sch I meant in the same unit. So it doesn't really help to be from a better university, or joining with a better initial package, or trying to perform better. It's all the same to management.
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    @cst1992 that sucks. Not valuing contributions is really scummy just to make accountant work easier. I would leave too before even funnier ideas arise.
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    What's about the overall level of pay? If it's good, I don't really see an issue, as equal pay prevents conflict/jealoussy. So as Long as the pay is good, I actually Like this scheme.
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    Yeah I wouldn't mind this either if the pay is good. Bonus points if this includes all employees, including management, CEO, etc.
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    $10K a year. You decide.

    Doesn't help that in my earlier job I used to get 10% of my team's compensation, so I was incentivized to do well myself and propel others forward as well. Here it could all go to shit as long as it's okay on paper.
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    @VaderNT Management and CEO? I hope you aren't actually serious.
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    Well, that's exactly how it works at our place. I could be in a far worse situation than that, so I started out to be just fine with it. Until... welp, I'm still there, so who am I kidding.
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    @cst1992 why the strong reaction? And why not? A company called Gravity Payments went even further. Same salary for all employees.
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    It makes sense to me, over time everyone should make around the dame when the job is tamed.
    Also, salaries are caped to the position, you can't make more and more forever.

    Stop complaining and have a potato comrade.
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    @cst1992 wait, 10k a year? Fuck me!
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    @Wack I started with 1600 a year, and now it's 10K. In larger cities, it could even go up to 40K, but that's not common.
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    @cst1992 is it common, to work for foreign companies (either directly as freelancer/directly employed or through an intermediate company)? I guess you could earn more that way.
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