I need to get this out there because you guys and gals are honestly the only people I can vent this to.

I’m working on a program for fun that’ll transfer files over sockets. Nothing too special. But this project is just boring me. I’m not getting any motivation even when I’m getting started. Which didn’t happen last project.

I have a general idea how I’m going to do it but I just can’t sit down and do it because I start overthinking about everything. Like how am I going to do this or that. How am I going to handle feature a, feature b, etc. And I’m just getting a headache and I’m not writing code and I’m JUST FUCKING STARING LIKE AN IDIOT. I don’t even know why it’s not inspiring me because I’ve always wanted to program a file transferring application of some kind and I still do.

I keep doing a bunch of small patches when I work on it and they work and improve it but I am hard on myself because it’s not one big feature or I didn’t work on it for hours. I’m always so fucking hard on myself fuck.

I want to do so much other stuff but I just wanna tough it on through and finish but it’s so uninspired because I don’t even feel like what the final product will feel like others. Like any service that involves transferring files I feel like they don’t function like how I’m thinking they do like I’m trying to make this function.

I feel like everything I’m making is just subpar and not good and I’m trying and I’m trying to improve but I feel like I’m not getting anywhere. And I want to learn a lot of stuff I have shit planned but I can’t get to it because I have to go through uninspired bullshit hell.


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    Start with a simple prototype implementation. It shows you what will work and what not, you will learn which features may be useful.

    Best is, to do the prototype in another language, so you're forced to do it again and not just use the prototype with it's failures und misfits
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    You lost me at aI‘m working on a program for fun“. Obviously it‘s not fun to you, otherwise you woukd enkoy working on it.
    Just ditch it and do some other fun stuff
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    @M1sf3t I do tend to do this kind of rant a lot 😅 I guess I get over whelmed easily.
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    @ddephor I do have a prototype. It’s not in a different language but I have one. I used it to get the sockets to function across two separate computers (locally) I was thinking about using them to also test sending a file but I’d have to do a bit of rewriting.
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    @mojo2012 I ditch too many projects. I need to finish it 😂 but this project is the first step to a lot of other networking programs I’d like to also make
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    @M1sf3t I understand, I am still kinda new to a lot of they stuff I’m doing even thought I’ve been programming a bit
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    @M1sf3t I know what you mean. Although I’ve already gotten the languages Im gonna use under my belt now. I mean I’m not as good with C# yet but I just gotta practice with it more and that’s where some of my troubles are but they’ll be fixed with time.

    Now I’m just trying to build my skills in the areas I plan to work in and that I want to in general. I’m not too interested in making games. Front end makes me want to vomit.

    Back end, Networking, Security, and Database are what I want to do. The end goal is a job in Cyber Security. I know I listed a bunch and I know it doesn’t look like it but I’m taking it one at a time, but I don’t really have a lot of good resources for Networking compared to the resources I have for the rest. And I’ve noticed that I tend to find a lot more networking stuff written in C than C# but I’m trying to pull through but it’s also really hard without a lot of good resources. Whether it’s a book or a tutorial. I’d prefer a book or some good docs(fuck Microsoft’s docs it’s only really good for checking what a function does or the parameters are for it)

    But yeah I understand what you mean that’s just the overall situation
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    @M1sf3t yeah it’s a great field and it’s super interesting and involves generally a lot of areas of programming that I’m interested in. And I generally like protecting and keeping shit safe.

    But I have to build my knowledge in some of the other fields so it helps the overall as well. But I have a general plan I’m gonna follow so I’m gonna try to take my time
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    @M1sf3t I will be taking classes n stuff but for now I can’t. I will be applying for a starting position soon.

    But for some reason the only one I find more difficult than anything to learn is networking related stuff because I don’t know what to learn and what I should be making to do that stuff.

    I find web stuff like back and front in to be a lot easier to learn and from what I have dabbled with in the past Security is also not as hard as networking to learn.

    I’m actually not a bad self learner, I’m not the best by any means but I know when to ask for help and when to do. My problem is just not focusing on one topic which I’m getting better at. I’m not saying school wouldn’t help. I feel it would in some areas and conditions, but self learning can be just as good it just depends on the person and the resources (and I have a fuck ton of those, minus networking related stuff..)

    I appreciate these intellectual conversations they help
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    @M1sf3t yeah networking is a broad topic for sure and it doesn’t take it easy on new people entering the field
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    @M1sf3t Hehe, thanks! :D
    So.. web sockets, programming, and such... Finding fun in what you do? Well do what you like, seriously. Especially as you learn, just build whatever you feel like building at the time, especially if you could actually find a use for them, or even have a very real need for. In my case that would be this and that server (DHCP, DNS, yada yada).. in programming, look at something you think "well damn this could be better", and build a component for it that gets the job done better. And try to make your work into as little chunks as you can, personally I can only do any chunks that are no more than a few hours of work, afterwards I find myself falling into the same trap of boredom. In servers, containerization has helped a lot with that, in electronics it tends to be making from smaller components, somewhat larger ones. And then chaining those together in interesting ways.

    Most importantly though, find something that's fulfilling to you. And if it bores you, archive it. Whenever you have that same need again in the future, you can just work from there. Oh, and document! I always find myself falling into that trap with servers. For now I've just put some shortened links in /etc/motd, but yeah.. when you come back later, that can be a life-saver.
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    @Condor honestly I just want a basic/solid understanding of networking and the tools I could possibly make. It doesn’t have to be anything advanced because I can just get better over time if I have that basic foundation.

    Im making a File transferring application because my friends and I don’t have a solid way of transferring files so I’m making us one and I feel weird about it because I feel like what I’m making is not how normal files are transferred. It’s a really weird and uninspiring feeling.

    I don’t know if I should ditch sockets and go for a TCP Socket it seems like it would work a little better. But it won’t get rid of that feeling because I don’t feel like I’m “uploading” the file or in general transferring it I feel like I’m basically sending the contents as text and having the receiving end writing it in another file. Which causes me to question more shit and stress out. The FTP class in C# handles interaction with a FTP server and that’s not what I’m trying to accomplish with the application cause I’d rather not have to use any outside sources.

    I’m probably overcomplicating things I’m sorry 😅
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    @Bubbles Well, at the end of the day that's what the protocols are, right? A framework - a language if you will - that enables computers to send data to each other, talk to each other so to speak. Personally I'd look at the protocols that you're interested in, in this case FTP. And see if it suits your purposes (e.g. FTP does not use cryptography, which is useful in some cases, but annoying in others) and see if you can implement it. Or use a library.. or even make a protocol of your own. But to give yourself a fighting chance, I'd definitely stick with existing ones. Just pick one that isn't convoluted *cough, Bluetooth* and you should be good to go. Good luck! :)
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    I always feel like when I use a preexisting library, class, or framework that I’m being lazy. And I feel like I have to make it from scratch. I know I don’t have to I just feel like I’m being lazy or sumn if I don’t do it from scratch even though idk how to make it from scratch.
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