Started a new job.....


First day:
BAM you have to work on angular🤦‍♂️

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    Angularjs or angular? It’s not a bad skill to have
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    Vuejs i love you too
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    You can't really work on Angular without html, css and bootstrap
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    Why did you trust them in the first place?!!!
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    @evilcoder first step towards front end development..need experience
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    @dhavalv3rma All the best. Learn a lot and become a great dev. 👍🏻
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    Dude that's only good news. Believe me you don't want JQuery. I remember the time I switched from Jquery to angular, it's like buying a car after having ridden a donkey the whole time. Sure you will need to learn how to drive a car but 3 months later you will hate yourself for riding a donkey for so long time.
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    I have been using Angular for a while now. The part that sucks is the learning curve.
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    This is good news. You could have ended up not getting to use a framework. It helps.
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