I was talking to a friend of mine(more of an acquaintance really) about our shared interest in Go and how I am trying to see if I can implement it more and more into my daily activities(simple CLI utilities, maybe a web app or two) and he mentioned how much he likes it after being part of a Java shop for such a long time. He said that he got tired of the verbosity of Java and how Go was such a "breath of fresh air"

var i SomeShit
if do.Error != nil {
fmt.Println("Could not agree at all")

On how bullshitty it is to say that one switched over to Golang because of the verbosity of other languages, specially when anything meaningful that you might do with the code requires constant checking.
And let us not

forget := lol.bullshit(); forget != nil {
about some of the other bs you get to do
oh look scoped errors

.....like I get it man. I like the language, no, It ain't replacing C or C++ for low level shit, not with a garbage collector are you fucking high?
But yes, I do like the language, they got a lot of shit right, the thing is, I feel like I know everything about it already since A) shit is way too simple, simple enough to be used by anyone really and B) other than goroutines this language does not really bring anything new to the table, far as I can tell.

I mean shit. I thought I was at odds with Python disliking syntactical whitespace enough to make me try and not use an otherwise perfectly good lang(Python I love you but hate syntactical whitespace) but Golang really puts me at odds. I love it but dislike it at the same time.

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    The next language on my to-learn-because-why-not list is D, it looks like a cleaner C++ with a GC and optional manual memory management. Perhaps you'd be interested in that too, one of the people behind D is Andrei Alexandrescu and he's a big fan of generics and templates and other fun abstractions (his Modern C++ book is probably the most extreme C++ book I've seen and it's full of templates stuff). I don't know much about Go but I've heard it doesn't do very well with abstractions...?
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    I like the composite struct, but annoyed at the error handling. I like the defer keyword, but fucking hate the goto keyword, and the fact it even exists. Like what the fuck? goto? What is this? VBA??
    I like the goroutines, and the channels+switch statments. but no generics support....

    golang is nice - but has some strangeee things in it.
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    @RememberMe yeah man I have been interested in D since a while now I just never had a project in mind to use it that would convince me to go through all of its complexity(because it really is complex) but will probably be checking it out soon. Another thing that stopped me from learning about it is that I used to be a pretty hardcore n00b when i first heard of it. I am still a pretty hardcore n00b, but i got some experience under my belt :P might be able to make more sense over D now.
    I do plan on using Golang for server side development, as long as D fits that bill nicely it would be something interesting to see. Check out Zig man!
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    @bondrewd Bro, I need you to keep mentioning Zig to people. I will do it as well. It truly is a great language :D btw you were the one that introduced me to it in one of your previous rants, so thank you for that!
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    @magicMirror it really does man. I really really dislike the way to handle errors. How can it get so many things right and then some really wrong?!
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    I think it’s good idea to check rust, go is more mature with anything that involve networking
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    @tsouhaieb Rust is an excellent language. Maybe a little overkill for what I am trying to do. But an absolutely fantastic language. Cargo is one of the best package managers I have ever seen.
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