I feel like such an idiot every time I use windows just slightly beyond clicking buttons. I'm trying to write a very simple macro to simply send an email out when I receive an email with a particular header. and no, outlook doesnt support that with rules. so now I have to use this garbage IDE, writing a script in a 25 year old language, with every bell and whistle button you could possibly think of and no way of figuring out how to do anything without being balls deep in a decade old forum post. I hate microsoft more and more every time I use it. I thought maybe if I got good and started "dev"ing with it more, I'd hate it less, but no... its always some super clunky application with shit tons of buttons and you dont know what they do, and when the app breaks, it gives you some hex number and nothing else, and sends all the good stuff to microsoft so they can fix it in the next "big update" thatll fuck up youre entire days worth of work and kill an hour of your precious time. Ugh.

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