Do you know of any free tools to limit the network of a specific application on windows?
NetLimiter works but I have to buy it after the test period. Could not find anything else.

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    Nope, but you're a programmer, right? It's not terribly hard to hijack the winsock dll and "proxy" the relevant functions. Many programs can be fooled into loading a fake dll if you give it the same name as the system dll and put it in the same folder as the program's binary.
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    @Gogeta70 Don't go into the rabbit hole Alice!
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    @ErikNa I was doing that shit as a teenager. It's not that hard. It certainly isn't a rabbit hole.

    Also, it is terrible advice to tell someone not to do something that will make them a better programmer.
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    @Gogeta70 Oh sure... done stuff like that by myself, forgot to mention I'm joking around.
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    @ErikNa Eh, I probably should've realized that. I've been awake too long... Good night.
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