Sometimes the world does not make sense to me.. It's like my matrix got restarted and while restarting due to some short circuit all the human beings around my clusters has turned into absolute fuckwits...

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    The problem is probably not the others ...
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    @mojo2012 I agree... Look at the first statement...
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    @Paradox I know Jack Shit.
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    80% of people are complete morons.
    More than half of the rest are idiots.

    Doesn't leave much to work with.
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    @Root you know what pisses me most is their complete obliviousness to the fact... I can probably understand a moronic comment/action from a non tech person but when it's a senior developer doing the same shitty mistake thing over and over again, it's just disgusting...
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    @Paradox Kind of makes you hate people, doesn't it?
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