We are starting a new project where we decieded to use node.js with express.js. It is quite exciting because we have previoisly use node.js only a little and me and my colleagues are eager to learn something new. As I was doing some research I came upon TypeScript. Do you guys think that it is worth spending more time learning TypeScript and use it in upcoming project?

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    I think yes. I like Typescript. Little hint do not use type any.
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    Stop right now. Delete your current project. Restart with TypeScript. Enable its strict mode. (Yes the `--strict` flag. It will be fine.) Avoid `any` in your code base. Don't be mad at the errors you get in the beginning. Stick with it. Profit.

    I don't want to write VanillaJS anymore. Give me decent TypeScript any day.
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    I would definitely recommend it man. It is what a lot of the community want for JS and the language does help a lot in large projects.
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    I'm not an expert here, but I started with ts. When it came to use node with actual javascript it was hell.
    Editors never warned about typos in variables. I never knew what on earth was a certain variable.

    As @k0pernikus said, avoid the any keyword and everything will be great.
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    Thanks a lot everyone! Thats what I thought, but I just needed a little push...
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    Yes, and as it was mention : only use <any> if there is no other choice.
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