I have started to hate stackoverflow

I mean I asked a simple question about how to download a PDF over JavaScript. The question is marked duplicate and down voted.

How stupid can some dumbasses be? Yes a similar question was asked and answered
The duplicate post they’ve marked used to work,USED to , that code doesn’t work anymore.

I mean come on I’ve specifically written I tried that and it doesn’t work anymore. But some fuckers just want to look cool by downvoting other.

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    You may have been better off necroing the old post
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    @theuser yup. resurrect the dead question is a much better solution for this.
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    they did the right thing except they should have explained better why they did it. i don't understand the hate towards SO.
    its community can be a bit too toxic but it's also what keeps the site higher quality than it would be otherwise.
    quora for example has nicer people but they are also really bad and most of their answers are shit.
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    I have to agree with @M1sf3t. How a site dedicated to provide answers related to a field as volatile as IT has no mechanism to flag or at least extend answers that are obviously deprecated is beyond me.
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