I haven't touched my OpenVPN server configuration in almost a year. Everything seemed to "just work" the way I wanted it.
I have now just found out that all ipv6 DNS queries were actually going to the wrong ip.

Why am I such a magnet for stupid shit like this?
Every time I try to do something beautiful, elaborate, complex, I always get some small shitty detail wrong.
It's like "close, but no cigar".


Bonus fun fact: I only found out thanks to Windows' DNS leak feature. Thanks, Windows!

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    I believe RTFM belongs here
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    I dunno, if it's worked for a year and you haven't had a breach, go you!
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    @simonblack 1) have you ever even read OpenVPN's docs? They're a fucking mess
    2) no RTFM here, I simply mistyped an ip address by replacing a 2 with a 1
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    @ArcaneEye "Any landing you walk away from is a good landing" - actual aviation quote 🤣
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    1) Nope! But if I ever spin up an OpenVpn server manually, I would.
    2) Touché
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